Hello, welcome to Charon Dolls shop! 

I am a Pullip & Blythe customiser based in London. After working professionally as an artist, designer and fashion illustrator for over 10 years, I have found my passion in creating one of a kind custom dolls. Each day, I look forward to coming up with new ideas and working on them. I put a lot of thought into my process, everything from themes, names, colours, fashion styling and all of the small details that make each one unique. To make a collector feel the joy I feel is the ultimate compliment! 

Please contact me at hellocharon@gmail.com if you're interested in private adoption/ full custom commission.



How does your doll adoption process works?

Most of the time, it’s first come first serve basis! I usually announced my available doll first on Instagram and Facebook with the adoption time. Then on the exact date/ time, the doll will appear on charondolls.tictail.com. If you’d like to know the price and information of the doll before adopting, please contact me directly either from direct message or hellocharon@gmail.com.


Do I have to be registered on Tictail?

Nope, you can just “add to cart” as a guest.


How much does your doll cost?

Each price varies depending on complexity, outfit set, and time. Also, as artist continue to improve, the price will naturally change/ increase.


How much does your shipping cost?

For full custom, Worldwide is £25 and for UK is £15. All shipping cost includes insurance and tracking. Insurance covers up to £250. Free shipping/ collection will occur when I meet you in person or at a doll meet up!


How do I make a payment?

I take payment via Paypal and Stride (credit/ debit card). All transaction is safe and secure. If you do reservation and layaway, you can contact me first. 


 How long does it take to receive my doll?

Most of the time, I ship the doll within 1-4 days. Shipping time will vary from each designated country. Some can be 1 week, some can be up to 1 month.


Do you take a layaway?

Yes, I take layaway plan. My preferable option is 2 layaway payments. I will need the first half of payment, it will be non-refundable as a security deposit. Then after the whole payment is completed, I will ship the doll.


Do you do early adoption & reservation?

In some cases, yes. If the person lives across the globe and won’t be able to adopt on the time announced. For example: adoption time is 8pm UK, but it will be 4am in Singapore. In another case, when the person wants to adopt that particular doll really badly, then I will let the early adoption happen! Reservation will happen on certain conditions.


Do you do full custom commission/ private adoption?

Yes, you can email me all of the details and I will let you know if it’s doable. I enjoy the creative freedom and the ethics of creation, so please don’t ask me to copy other artist’s work. I can also try to emulate my previous works but they won’t be identical because it defeats the purpose of "one of a kind". : )


What is included with the full custom doll?

Eyechips and eyelashes, high quality wig, outfit set, shoes, extra gifts, packaging box, certificate of authenticity, caring instruction card and a polaroid photo. I try my best to properly credit all of the artisans and seamstresses. Each full custom is also numbered and signed by me. *2018 Update: Due to mio kit rarity, collector will have to send me the body (either mio kit or stock doll in a great condition), apology for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding. 


Do you do face up service?

As of March 2018, I decided to close my face up service. Charon Salon will open only for doll repair that I have created.  


What materials do you use?

I use soft pastels (Rembrandt and Mungyo), watercolor pencils (Derwent, Prismacolor), acrylic paints (Winsor & Newton, Sennelier, Tamiya X-22), shimmer (Jacquard pearls), and fixative (MSC UV Cut Flat).


Do you have caring instructions?

Gentle handling: avoid sharp objects, oil and acetone based products. Avoid hand touch on the face,  multiple hand touch, the doll face up may be affected. Avoid direct sunlight to slower the process of discoloration. For more info: http://pulliphome/com/discoloration


Can I refund my doll?

All sales are final, handmade items are to be expected to have minor flaws/ not factory perfect. I will do my best to make sure the information and photos are not misleading. Please make sure you are confident with all of the information before adopting and also make sure your address detail is correct. I will, however do refund under certain condition: if the doll is lost in the mail after a couple of months, if the doll is completely broken upon arrival and if it’s a wrong one (which unlikely to happen). I will do my best to secure the doll with sturdy box, bubble wraps, and fragile stickers.


What happens if I miss the package and the doll goes back to you?

This rarely happens, if it does, I will ship the doll back to you at no extra cost. However, if the address that was given to me was wrong, then re-shipping cost will be on the buyer.


Can I feature you on my blog or vlog?

Of course! Please send me a direct message or contact me at hellocharon@gmail.com


Where can I follow you?

Facebook & Instagram: @charondolls and Flickr: itsmecharon


Extra notes: 

- My dolls come from a smoke-free home.

- For security reason, I have the right to refuse selling to potential scammers. The doll world is interconnected, your reputation spreads like wildfire, so please make sure to keep your name clean! ; )